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Just how hot should the romance be in a novel? Some like it really hot, hot, hot. Then there are others who think it shouldn’t go too far. That is probably why we have the romance genre broken down into sub-genres. There is one writer I know who writes erotica and admittedly does it for the money. So now you know where the money is in writing. But then there are those, like me, who like the romance but just can’t help but add murder in with it.

So just how far should a writer go with the romance? The sub-genre you write depends on the answer to this, and how far you go depends on how comfortable the writer is in writing it.

What brought this about? Well, I’m trying to decide just how far to go with my romance in writing The BibleMurders. Also, I am considering writing just plain romance novels. So I’m still working on these ideas. Stay tune!

Faye M. Tollison

Member of: Sisters In Crime

Author of: To Tell the Truth



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How do you find a murderer? Well, you could ask the neighbor, but she probably won’t tell you. She’s quite eccentric and maybe a little bit crazy, but she has her reasons for what she’s done. Now you could try the neighbor next to her. He’ll feed you stale cookies and the best coffee you’ve ever had, but just let him talk. He’ll give you the information you’re looking for.

And the murderer? Oh, John will find the murderer. Will he set Jennifer Price free of the charges of murdering her adoptive parents? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. And the truth will come out in The Bible Murders.

Faye M. Tollison
Author of: To Tell the Truth
Member of: Sisters In Crime
Upcoming book: The Bible Murders

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I was working away with my housework this morning when suddenly a piece of the puzzle came together for me with my story, The Bible Murders. It was then I realized that I usually got my ideas while I was doing something else. I’m not sure it works that way for other writers, but it seems to be the way it works for me. At any rate. my writer’s block has been broken, and I’m rolling along with my writing of this story.

I’m excited about this because I’ve been struggling with just who did the murders. I’ve come up with several people who could have committed these murders and their reasons for it. But none of them seem right. None of them wanted to work for me. So I knew I couldn’t use any of them. Unfortunately without the murder and the murderer it’s hard to get very far into your book, so there I was – stuck!

So you see, now I can go forward with my writing, and it is looking like The Bible Murders will be my second book to be published. Stay tuned!

Faye M. Tollison

Author of: To Tell the Truth

Member of : Sisters In Crime


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Even though I already know what the secrets are that led to the murders, I keep thinking how can I embellish them? Should I add more to the Prices’ secrets?

And of course, there is the other story, the other story being the rekindling of a love lost. I do intend to bring this a little further than it was in To Tell the Truth. But this is intended to be a series so I need to stretch out the romance, but I do want to include Anna in this series, though she may not be an active character in every book.

I’m at the point where John Mentz is ready to see and talk to Jennifer Price. I need to decide (though my characters may lead me on this) whether or not he will decide her guilt in the murders of her adoptive parents. Also there are some other elements that will come into play, which I’ve not figured out just where in the story they will go.

Over all The Bible Murders is coming along nicely and will very possibly be my next book to be published.

Ciao for now,

Faye M. Tollison

Author of: To Tell the Truth

Member of Sisters In Crime

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