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I’ve in the planning my first romance novel called Sarah’s Secret. Her lover will be a member of the mafia, who keeps his relationship a secret from the Family. It will be a story of their love affair which lasted for many years. There may be a surprise ending if it works out the way I’m planning, but keep in mind that things can change once you get to writing the story. For those of you who like a good romance, I think you will like Sarah’s Secret.

Faye M. Tollison
Author of: To Tell the Truth
Upcoming novel: The Bible Murders


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I talked with the St. James Place Book Club on November 15, 2011 about my book, To Tell the Truth. We had a great time discussing the story. I told them about Anna Kayce, her background, and her weaknesses. Anna made some bad decisions for which she paid a great price, the death of her sister, and I explained how her background played a part in this. But Anna grew through her mistakes and bad decisions, but she had to live with the guilt of her sister’s murder.

We also discussed how I came up with the characters, Anna and Kenneth Levall. The story evolved around my creations of Anna. Then I told them how differenty authors create their stories and how each story you write can come to you in different ways. I also shared with them my difficulty when I first started writing To Tell the Truth in getting my protaganist, Anna, to come to life. She was flat and not dimensional so I wrote an Interview with a Character, which made me realize that I was not connecting with my character on an emotional level. I needed to get inside my character’s head and feel her pain, her anger, her fears.

We discussed publishing your book. The pros and cons of traditional and epublishing. I was surprised at their knowledge of this. I also shared with them some insights into my second book, The Bible Murders. They graciously invited me to come back when I get this second novel published. I’ll be looking forward to this.

This was great group of ladies, whom I enjoyed talking with very much. I look forward to seeing them again.

Faye M. Tollison
Author of: To Tell the Truth
Upcoming book: The Bible Murders


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K-9 Visits SinC

Last night at my Sisters In Crime meeting we had the K-9 Unit come to speak. They brought their two dogs, Nero and Nemo, to do a demonstration. We had a very informative talk by one of the handlers with lots of questions. It turns out that most of the dogs they get come from overseas. Even though trained when they get them, they put them through 200 hours of training in 10-hour days. The demostration they performed proved the dogs to be highly skilled. Nero, with his lop-sided ear, was quite down to business. When business was over, he decided it was playtime. Unfortunately no one there had the nerve to play with him, so he finally laid down and played with his toy by himself. Nemo was a bit on the high strung side but when it came to work, he knew exactly what to do and went for it, even turning over a heavy metal cannister by himself. These were amazing dogs, and their handlers were very skilled and on top of them. It evidently takes a lot of time with these dogs, and these handlers are definitely willing and able.

Thank goodness we have men and dogs who are capable to help keep our society clean and safe.

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