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Crime Victims

Centuries ago it was thought when something bad happened to someone that it was God’s curse or the Devil’s; but as modern medicine and science progressed, we have learned to control disease. When it comes to the disease of crime, people regressed to the mentality and vulnerability of the peasants of Medieval times; and as a result, the Satanism craze has gained much popularity. People have the need to blame someone else for their misfortunes and even the misfortunes of others. This is due to our basic human psychology and is also a part of our religious foundation.

We often hear people say that a victim of a crime is to blame for that crime happening to them, that the victim must have done something to cause it. As a result, the criminal can sometimes be exonerated of some part of the blame.

Crime victims fall in three categories: family members, acquaintances, and strangers. Family is the largest group of all murder and violent crime victims. In some groups the victims are chosen because of their vulnerability, such as children. Car-jacking victims are chosen because of the make and model of their car. Serial killers choose their victims because of a fantasy the killer is trying to live out or because of a psychotic delusion.

As a writer you need to understand why your killer is committing murder or other type of violence, and you should know why your victim is chosen by him/her because to know the victim is to know the criminal. They are that closely related, and it will bring a reality to your story that will keep your readers turning the page of your book. Not only that, they will be hungry for the next book.,

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TO TELL THE TRUTH has won the Books in Sync bookcover award for August 2012. This bookcover was illustrated by a very talented young lady by the name of Heather Paye. I’m very excited about this!

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