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A new idea for a book in the future has led me to an interest in female murderers from the past. I have done an extensive research on the women. One of the most infamous was Lizzie Borden. Who has not heard that story? But I have learned a lot about that case that I did not know; and as a result, I have become quite fascinated by her story.

Lizzie was acquitted of the murders. The case was based on circumstantial evidence, rather strong circumstantial evidence in my opinion. After all was said and done, Lizzie’s acquittal appeared to be due to reasonable doubt; however, it was mentioned by one site that Lizzie was acquitted because the jury could not bring themselves to charge a woman with first degree murder, which would bring a sentence of death. The jury, by the way, was made up of twelve men.

Lizzie Borden and a maid admitted to being in the house at the time of the murders. Even though the house was a large two-story home, it’s hard to believe no one could hear any noise of the murders being performed. The attacks were vicious. One victim (the step-mother of Lizzie) actually sustained 18-19 whacks, and the other victim (the father of Lizzie) sustained 11 whacks with the axe. This appears to me to be an act of raging anger.

Fingerprinting was available at that time, but it was not used much by law enforcement. It was new to law enforcement and most local law enforcement was not familiar with it and did not feel comfortable with it. So it evidently was not even considered to help them catch the murderer. DNA was not even available in that day.

The Borden family lawyer, Andrew Jackson Jennings, evidently kept a journal, which was kept private by his descendents.  It was recently turned over to the Falls River Historical Society by a family member. It is presently being transcribed and will be published. Supposedly it is thought to hold new evidence that proves Lizzie Borden was innocent of the murders of her parents. If this is true, who did perform those vicious murders?

It will be interesting to find out what this “new evidence” shows. There is no reports that I could find that after Lizzie’s acquittal there was any further attempt to find who did perform these murders. I thought that rather interesting. Is it possible they still thought Lizzie Borden killed her parents?

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