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One of the most famous and possibly the most famous male serial killers was and still is Jack the Ripper. It was an interesting fact that he only had five victims known for sure. A small number compared to other serial killers who are less known.

Over the years many people have collected statistics, and as a result, law enforcement now has a profile of a serial killer with which to go by. Basically all the victims share a common trait in that they have activated a psychological trigger in the killer’s mind. They generally have similar physical appearances. The method by which they are killed is the same.

A large number of serial killers come from dysfunctional families. They suffer from a complexity of emotions such as feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy. Some tend to kill compulsively because of a need for power or sexual urges. Most feel superior and powerful; women are attracted to the male serial killers. A good number of them are successful people.

Jack the Ripper was responsible for the murders of five prostitutes in the Whitechapel area of London in 1888. They were brutally ad viciously murdered and in some cases had their internal organs surgically removed. It was suggested by some speculations that the killer had either some medical knowledge or anatomical knowledge. Then there were those who felt it could be a butcher or slaughter man.

The murders were begun abruptly, whih is unusual. More likely the filler graduates from attacks and assaults to full blown murder, whereby the distinctive modus operandi is established and individual killings can be identified as the work of a particular person. The point I am trying to make is that the probability that he committed earlier crimes is high. There were five murders sommitted in approximately twelve weeks, but the Whitechapel Murders File actually has eleven murders in it.

In the early days of the investigation it was thought the murders were committed by a gang, but by early September 1888 the police decided they were looking for a lone assassin. To date there are over a hundred suspects. There were more than 300 people investigated and over 2,000 interviews. Eighty people were detained in police custody, and yet the police were never able to find the killer.

There are many reasons that the fascination for this case continues so long after the last known murder was committed, but it is my opinion that it is because the murderer was never found and the case solved. There is a question that I have about this case. It is why the murders were stopped so abruptly. Most murderers do not stop killing unless there is a reason.

Will they ever find out who Jack the Ripper was? We have made great strides in forensics, such as DNA. So if Scotland Yard has been able to keep the evidence intact, the possibility does seem likely. I can only hope it is within my lifetime.


Reference: jacktheripper.org

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